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Board of Trustees

The Channing Hall Governing Board is made up of a group of caring individuals from diverse backgrounds who are building a school that offers an educational choice for the community. You may email Board members at

Colby Whitney - President
Amy Reams - Treasurer, Finance Committee member

Paige Farnsworth - Secretary non-voting member
Marcy Allen - Finance Committee member
Lacy Sylvia

Lisa Bruns

David Hunt - Finance Committee member

Board Meetings

Channing Hall Board Meetings are generally held at the school at 5:30 p.m. on the third Monday or Tuesday of every month during the school year. Please see the school calendar on this website for upcoming meeting dates. School holidays may cause a change to the meeting schedule. Meetings are open to the public and parents are encouraged to attend.

Meetings follow the Utah Public and Open Meetings Act and Robert’s Rules of Order. As such, the  board allows time on every agenda for public comment. One individual is allowed a total of two minutes to speak, or up to five minutes if speaking on behalf of a group. Please refer to the Family Handbook on our Resources page for guidance on formally addressing the board. Outside of the designated Public Comment time, non board members are allowed to participate in the meeting only if acknowledged by the board president.

View the Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes for our next meeting.

Minutes from past meetings can be viewed at the front desk of the school.

School Budget & Budget Report

The Board reviews and approves the school budget annually and reviews the school budget report monthly.

View the 2021-22 Budget here. 

View the current monthly Board Budget Report here.

Audit Committee members:

Marcy Allen, David Hunt, Amy Reams (chair)

School Charter

View the School Charter  here.

Governance Policies

View the Board Governance Policies here