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The Draper Multicultural Mural

Welcome to the Draper Multicultural and Unity Mural.  This mural is a gift to the Draper community from Channing Hall International Baccalaureate Charter School with support from IKEA of Draper.  This mural represents unity and diversity to all that pass.  We honor those who come before us and celebrate the new rich and vibrant cultures that now make up our beautiful city.

Channing Hall has seen a much welcomed increase in international families enrolling in our school in recent years due to the changing demographics of the Draper area and Channing Hall’s global-perspective-based International Baccalaureate program.  We feel a strong desire to create a place of joy and belonging not just for our students and families but for our community.

This mural was created by a collaboration of Eighth grade students, corporate community partners and our fabulous artist Carrington Haley.

Mural symbolism:

Sego Lily - Utah

Protea - Diversity

Lily of the Valley - Equality 

Cosmo - Unity

Polynesian - Tahitian gardenia, (bottom left)
India/Asia Pacific - Lotus, (in lake)
Flowering cactus - Mexico
Protea - Africa (top right)
Tree- Our own Tree of Light in Draper Park has come to symbolize the center of our community celebrations 
The water represents those Native Americans that call Utah home.

The two mountains envelope and protect us all as the mountains surrounding draper protect our valley like a warm hug, it gives us a sense of direction and lets us know when we are home.  

The Bridge/Rainbow, is our own suspension bridge, the many trails the criss cross Draper, and the many paths we have all taken to get here. It also connects our past to our future. 

The hiker and paraglider stand for the many recreation opportunities we provide, it also symbolizes the journey that our community members have taken to get here.