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My boys are involved in Student Council and sports at Channing Hall. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been that way at a larger school. They are getting confidence and self-esteem that will carry through the rest of their lives. I can walk into school and not only do teachers and staff know who I am, but they know my kids and can relay something funny that one of my kids did in class or a success or failure they had that day. My goal as a parent is to have happy, well-balanced, engaged kids, and that perfectly aligns with IB attributes and attitudes. Oh one more thing, I really like that MS kids still have recess too!"

Heather Fehrenbach, mom to four Channing Hall students

Channing Hall prepared me for advanced classes in high school and helped me to understand the value of hard work, the importance of having good relationships with your teachers and the value of education."

Bella Didier, Class of 2012

Wonderful teachers, organized staff, and the best kids. Teachers meet regularly here to discuss each child. Nobody falls through the cracks. Values that are taught are internalized and practiced by teachers and students alike. Whenever I walk into the school, a nearby student holds the door open for me. Students speak respectfully and include everyone - no cliques as far as I can tell! The front desk staff knows us by name; they even wished my son a happy birthday as he walked into school (and we'd only been at the school for 3 weeks). The curriculum is challenging, expectations are high, yet the environment is familial and positive."

Melissa Morgan, from Google review

Channing Hall challenged me to strive for excellence and provided wonderful teachers and administration to help me do so. It allowed me to grow, learn, and think in new ways, preparing me for a rigorous academic pace." 

Meredith Larsen, Class of 2012

Amazing school with great principles and outstanding education."

Nikki Tomsich Stokoe, from Facebook review

Channing Hall has a top notch facility, electronic whiteboards, brand new computer lab, one-to-one Chromebooks for fifth through eighth grade, a fully stocked art room with a kiln, a fabulous music room, and fantastic staff that care about your children."

Anonymous user,

Channing Hall is one of a kind. I attended my 6th-8th grade years, and I have nothing but fond memories. I graduated in 2011 and quickly discovered that I was not only ready for high school in general, but also my honors and AP classes. The challenging curriculum at CH prepared me for the challenging years of high school I have experienced so far. My friends prefer to pretend that the "awkward transition from elementary to high school" never happened. I'm the one who has nothing but good things to say about my middle school experience. It made me 'an agile learner who values others' perspectives and knows how to learn.' My teachers at CH set the bar for educational excellence. I often reminisce about the time they spent opening my eyes to the world. I consider them the best mentors, inspirations, and friends I will ever have. I still go back to visit. Each time, it feels as though I've returned home. I received the best education from the best educators, but more than that, I was taught how to be a good person. Someday I hope to return to the halls of CH as a teacher myself, and presuming everything falls into place, my children will attend Channing Hall as well."

Anonymous user,

We appreciate the education Spencer is receiving at Channing Hall and the IB program's emphasis on applying the education to the world and real life situations. Thanks again!"

Kim Affleck