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Why Choose Channing?

There are lots of great reasons to choose Channing Hall, but six of the best are listed below.

We hold a school tour every Friday (that we are in school) at 2 PM. Give us a call to reserve your spot.

Prepared for Life

Channing Hall is one of the most experienced charter schools in Utah, with more than a decade in operation. One key to our success is the International Baccalaureate program. Relying on the best educational practices used throughout the country and the world, we help our students master the academic skills necessary to succeed in high school. Just as important, we also help them become active, caring, lifelong learners who respect themselves and others. Our students are critical thinkers and problem solvers who are active in their community and the world at-large. They’re inquirers, both inside and outside the classroom. 


Channing Hall students are well-prepared academically and perform at high levels in reading, math, and science. But students need more than just the basics to become well-rounded individuals. That’s why we also have gifted full-time teachers in art, music, physical fitness, Spanish, and technology to create a rich, vibrant educational environment. Students enjoy daily or weekly instruction in these areas. One other shining star of our program is the Channing Hall Library. Unique among charter schools, our library is filled with nearly 26,000 volumes. 

Exceptional Instruction

Our teaching staff benefits from the deep experience and expertise of veteran teachers, as well as the fresh eyes of new teachers. Teams at each grade level work together to share ideas, solve problems, and discuss individual student needs and successes. Together our faculty have more than 250 years of experience, and about one-third have or are completing an advanced degree. Channing Hall is committed to teacher development and pays for all faculty to attend trainings each year to polish their skills and inspire them with new ideas.

Rich Student Opportunities

Channing Hall provides special extracurricular experiences to a large percentage of students. Our students may choose to participate in many ways: 

  • Arts: After-school programs in choir and art. 
  • Athletics: Boys and girls cross country, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. 
  • Extended Learning: Deeper learning opportunities for selected students in topics such as robotics, photography, and geocaching through the Learning Enrichment Activities Program (LEAP). 
  • Leadership: The Student Council gives students a chance to make improvements to the school experience. 
  • Science: Participation in state and national science competitions. We also offer a special in-class, hands-on program presented by “Scientist Suzie” for students in grades K-5. 
  • Service: All students perform acts of service outside the classroom every year.

Individualized Approach

Channing Hall has several strategies for helping each student reach his or her highest potential. These include: 

  • Leveled reading, so that students are continually challenged to improve. 
  • A dedicated Instructional Coach who works with teachers to set goals for each student and measure progress. 
  • Curriculum designed to reach each student at his or her own level. 
  • Support for students who may excel in some areas, but need extra help in others.

Amazing Families

Our families are incredibly dedicated and involved – factors that have been shown to boost student success. Ways to get involved: Volunteering. Channing Hall families commit to volunteer at least 36 hours a year. Giving. Nearly all families participate in the school’s Annual Giving campaign each fall to raise money to update technology in the school and help pay for instructional aides. Joining. CHAPS, the school’s parent organization, makes Channing Hall a better school by coordinating activities throughout the year such as the art contest, reading contest, annual Fun Run 5K for students, and the yearbook.