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De Colores was Bright and Wonderful

The theme of this year's Art and Music Fair was De Colores, All the Colors.  Our orchestra, choir, and ukulele group performed beautiful songs celebrating spring led by Mr. Robertson.  The concert ended with an inspiring sing-along to De Colores. Halls  burst with the colors and patterns of our students art work. The hard work and talent of our amazing students and staff was celebrated by all. 

Science Fair Success

March 15th, 2019

Arroooooo! Special Koda the Wolf shout out to all the Channing Hall teams who competed in the Utah Science and Engineering Fair this week. These students worked so hard and learned so much. You make us proud!

Congratulations especially to teams that earned recognition in the statewide competition:

Plant Sciences Honorable Mention - Project Aqua-Gray
Recursion Pharma Award - Terrific Toothpaste 
Utah Department of Transportation Award - Passed Gas

Huge thank you to science teachers Jenny McIntosh and Jeff Meyers for all you hard work and support.

Way to go, Wolves!

5th Grade Exhibits IB Awesomeness

March 1, 2019

5th grade Exhibition is a cumulative project that wraps up the IB instruction for the Primary Years Program.  This year’s 5th grade exhibition was held this morning. Students worked in groups to research an area or interest.  Students then identified a problem and took action to make a difference. Subjects tackled this year included Bullying, Saving Energy, and Air Pollution.  The projects were informative and students presented them in a articulate and professional manner.  Great job 5th grade!

Channing Shines at Charter Science and Engineering Fair

Channing Hall had an amazing showing that this year’s Charter and Engineering Fair. Every Channing Hall team that competed in the Charter Fair will be advancing to the University of Utah Science and Engineering Fair in March! Way to go!

Special Awards:

·        Best Overall Project: Leaves Be Gone (Max Allen, Parker Nielsen, Miles Allen)

·        Chief Herring Service Award: Amputech (Greyson Astin, Henry Stueber, Nicholas Jansson)

·        2nd Place Engineering: Lawn Mower Shields and Mufflers (Sophia Ebert, Lily Larson)

·        2nd Place Physical Science: Passed Gas (Eric Pesci, Paul Gerritsen, Kareem Rifaat)

In addition to those teams who received special awards, the following teams qualified for the University of Utah Science and Engineering Fair in March:

·        Powerless Pollution (Sheila Solaimanian, Hope Lowery, Bella Anhorn)

·        Hydration  Frustration (Soham Samal, Miles McAffee, Wyatt Thornton)

·        Terrific Toothpaste (Ava Brinkerhoff, Hannah Kingdon, Stella Cianflone)

·        Project Aqua-Gray (John Bruns, Rafid Aayan, Vibhav Kishore)

·        Parafoam (Abby Holland, Brynn Frohman, Whitney Schmitt)

·        Think Blue (Saskia Willey, Sophie Hoecherl, Georgia Barrett)

·        Bully, No Bullying (Anabelle Woodbury, Phebe Balfe, Jaida Gray)

It's Alive!

January 28th 2019

3rd grade put on an amazing and informative Living History Museum.  Students researched and wrote about their favorite historical figure.  Then students dressed up as if they were their hero and reflected on their research with impressed visitors.  Crocodile Hunter Steve Erwin and Civil Rights Hero Rosa Park were among the cast of historical figures present.  Way to go third grade, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Channing Hall Chosen to Receive Scheels Award

December 2018

A big thank you to Scheels for giving a $2,000 donation to Channing Hall in December. Channing Hall fans nominated our school after the Sandy store announced that it was holding its first every Week of Giving. Altogether, the sporting goods retailer gave $50,000 to nonprofit organizations throughout the community. Channing Hall is so grateful to have support from our community!

Caring for Our Neighbors

December 2nd - 17th, 2018

This year Channing Hall Student Council organized a school-wide community service project to benefit Granite Education Foundation. An organization that serves students in the Granite school district who live at or below the poverty level.  For 2 weeks in December Channing students were asked to bring in items for snack packs, dinner packs, basic food kits, hair kits, and feminine hygiene kits.  Our Channing students came through in a big way with hundreds of items for our fellow Utah students.  Thanks Channing for generously demonstrating the IB attribute of Caring!

Over-all Winner

The Powerless Pollution team created a 3D printed air filter and took the top prize at this year's Science and Engineering Fair.

Engineering Takes Center Stage at Science Fair

December 17, 2018

Congratulations to the MYP students who participated in Channing Hall’s Science and Engineering Fair. The competition was fierce -- 57 great projects, 171 creative kids, two great teachers, and a lot of supportive parents. Judges selected the following winners:

 Best of Show (top point winner) –“Powerless Pollution” by Sheila Solaimanian, Hope Lowery, and Bella Anhorn

 Year 1 (sixth grade)

1st place – “Project Aqua Gray” by John Bruns, Rafid Aayan, and Vibhav Kishore

2nd place – “Leaves Be Gone” by Max Allen, Parker Nielsen, Miles Allen, and Finley Kirschenmann 

3rd place – “Terrific Toothpaste” by Ava Brinkerhoff, Hannah Kingdon, and Stella Cianflone

Year 2 (seventh grade)

1st place – “Lawn Mower Shields and Mufflers” by Sophia Ebert and Lily Larson

2nd place – “Think Blue” by Saskia Willey, Sophie Hoecherl, and Georgia Barrett

3rd place – “Parafoam” by Abby Holland, Brynn Frohman, and Whitney Schmitt

 Year 3 (eighth grade)

1st place – “Passed Gas” by Eric Pesci, Paul Gerritsen, and Kareem Rifaat

2nd place – “Bully, No Bullying” by Anabelle Woodbury, Phebe Balfe, and Jaida Gray

3rd place – “Creating a Functional 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand” by Greyson Astin, Henry Stueber, and Nicholas Hansson

 Winners advance to the Salt Lake Charter School Science and Engineering Fair on Feb. 8. 

Judges saw a new trend with the fair this year: More than half of the projects were engineering entries. Science teachers Jenny McIntosh and Jeff Meyers attributed that to inspiration from the new TinkerLab. 

“I was really gratified to see that students weren’t just doing an experiment. They were trying to create a product that solved a real-world need,” said Mr. Meyers.

 Ms. McIntosh agreed. “They showed a lot of ingenuity and enthusiasm. Next year, I think we’ll see them follow through and build on these ideas. They’re really learning the concept of testing and improving, testing and improving.”

 Win or lose, students gained valuable IB insights by preparing for this year’s fair, said Ms. McIntosh.

“All students engaged in the IB principal of reflection by thinking through their project choices, why they chose them, what need it fills in the community, and what prompted them to focus on this area,” she said.

Hour of Code

December 7, 2018

The ThinkLab gurus – Maker Meyers and Miss Missy – put on a fun afternoon of computer-science related activities at an Hour of Code Friday, December 7. Hour of Code is a grassroots movement designed to demystify "code," to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science. It has become a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with one-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts. It's held each year during computer science week. Channing Hall's event was sponsored by Amazon and was one of nearly 200,000 events being held in more than 180 countries. Amazon provided volunteers to help with activities and also sent giveaway items.

 Students got to:

 Program and control our robots

Make games like Minecraft and Flappy Bird

Create animations and games with Tynker and Scratch

Create avatars and join in a high-tech dance party

Observe 3D printing in action

 Why computer science? Hour of Code organizers believe every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path. The event is driven by the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week Advisory and Review Committees as well as a coalition of partners that have come together to support the Hour of Code — including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the College Board.


IB Evaluation a Success

Noember 14, 2018

Officials from the International Baccalaureate Program had high praise for Channing Hall this week after a formal visit to observe our Middle Years Program (MYP), or middle school.

“You are excelling,” said Bill, a former school superintendent and one of two veteran IB educators who carried out a two-day evaluation of our MYP. Final results won’t be available for four to six weeks, but the evaluators provided a snapshot of their conclusions in a meeting with faculty Tuesday afternoon.

“You’re doing wonderful stuff here,” said Mary, a former IB school principal. “You should congratulate yourselves.”

The formal review focused on ensuring that Channing Hall is faithfully carrying out the IB philosophy of education. The evaluation happens every three years for new IB schools, five years for proven IB schools. Our Primary Years Program (PYP), or elementary school, will undergo its five-year evaluation next year.

Bill and Mary met with Board members, faculty, students, and parents to gauge how well Channing Hall is fulfilling its mission.

Unlike some schools he visits, “it really feels like [the IB program] is your philosophy here,” said Bill.

He described some of the things that parents love about Channing Hall, including the feeling of community, focus on student communication skills, and the individual attention students receive from teachers.

The evaluators also asked students to describe Channing Hall in a single word. Some of the responses? Fun. Creative. Advanced. Smart. Inclusive. Safe. Supportive. Caring. Hands-on.

The formal results of our evaluation won’t be available for several weeks, but it’s hard to imagine getting a better report card than the one our own students gave us!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the evaluation and especially to Jane Kilby, our MYP IB coordinator, who worked for more than a year to prepare us for this very important visit. Congratulations, Channing Hall community!

Honoring True Risk-Takers, Our Veterans

November 9th, 2018

CHAPS sponsored another humbling Veterans Day assembly at Channing Hall this year.  The flag was presented in full ceremony by members of the American Legion. Special guest Brandy Vega spoke to students about being both a Veteran and a Military Broadcast Journalist.  She encouraged students to be grateful to our Veterans and show kindness to others.  Led by music teacher Mr. Robertson, the elementary students performed Yankee Doodle, followed by a beautiful and heartfelt rendition of The Minstrel Boy by our 5th graders.  Arianna Larson, a 5th grader, won our art contest and her eagle themed artwork was made into a special pin given to all Veterans in attendance.  It was an honor and privileged for our school to support the incredible risk-takers of our community.

Student-led Writing Club

November 2018

 We decided to start a Nanowrimo Club for any aspiring authors. It turned out to be a success; we got about five kids from each grade. We invited all middle schoolers to come write in an available classroom every day at lunch and a few days after school. All of these meetings were optional, and they could select whatever word count goal they wanted. At the end of the month, we had a celebration in which we gave out awards to the top writers in each grade and everyone who met their word count goal. We all had a lot of fun writing our novels. 

by 7th Graders Brynn Frohman and Abby Holland

Brandon Mull

kicks off his dragonwatch 2 book tour at channing Hall

Brandon Mull at Channing Hall

October 30, 2018

Best-selling author Brandon Mull visited Channing Hall on October 30th.  Brandon visited local schools to promote his latest book Wrath of the Dragon King, the second book in the Dragonwatch series.  Students from grades fourth through eighth attended the assembly.  At one point in Brandon's talk he called three students to the stage to demonstrate the process of creating a unique fantasy world when writing.  He encouraged students who want to be writers to read lots of books, have lots of experiences, and use your imagination and start writing to share those ideas.  He also played a trailer of his latest book and revealed the timeline for other upcoming books. Brandon Mull ended with a question and answer session for our students.  The assembly also kicked off our Middle School NaNoWriMo student led writing club.

Art Fair Takes Dip Under The Sea

Channing Hall's Art Fair and Spring Concert went "swimmingly" as art and music collided to make a fantastic evening for the attendees.  The art fair exhibit showed off the artwork of our K-8 students and also exhibited works of art made by CH families. Students were able to take photos in the photo booth, do an obstacle course, a scavenger hunt, face paint, drama and dance classes and of course an opportunity to make a masterpiece in the art room with lots of art projects.  Parents and students were also treated to a Spring Concert featuring orchestra, choir and ukelele ensembles. The hip hop group even performed and the crowd loved it! Just when it seems the fair can't get any better, Ms. Aina and Ms. Lewis dive right in to make it the best night ever!

Dragon Dash Fun Run Day

Channing Hall's parent group CHAPS had another successful "Dragon Dash" fun run last month.  The fundraiser raised money for upgrades to the school's security system.  K-5 ran early in the morning and finished the day with a field day in the park.The Middle School started their fun run day with our second annual "House Points Challenge" where students compete by grade in a variety of games, challenges and contests.  Student could choose three sessions of events. Quidditch was a new addition this year as well as a Robotics challenge. Other events included: a "Chopped" style cooking contest where students competed to make the best omelette, an engineering challenge to make a marble roller coaster using  minimal supplies, Ultimate Frisbee, Art Competition and so much more.The students then headed out to run the Dragon Dash while the gym was transformed into our Channing's Got Talent stage.  Several students auditioned for the talent show.  Only six students were chosen to perform. Performances included a student who solved a Rubik's cube using his feet, a ballerina, a contortionist, a gymnast and two musicians.  Students cheered each other on and showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day.Students got to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, earn money for our school and cheer on their fellow classmates.  What a great way to wrap up the school year!


Channing Hall students kicked off SAGE testing this year with an assembly led by Ms. K (assistant Vice Principal Mandy Kartchner) that got the students amped up and ready to "ROCK the test!"  During the assembly, teachers broke out in a flash mob and performed a choreographed dance to Uptown Funk. Kindergarten and first grade made bags with treats to cheer on their fellow students.At the end of the year, after a lot of hard work, Ms. Heather, Ms. K and our instructional coaches, Ms. Kilby and Ms. Randall had to pay the price!  The students voted to slime the principals, paintball some of the teachers and engage other faculty in an ice water challenge!  Thanks for being good sports! The payoff is that the students really did ROCK THE TEST!

Karen Hall Caring Assembly

The students assembled in the gym last week for a program dedicated to Karen Hall.  She was a receptionist since the founding of the school until losing to her battle with cancer last year.  She always had a smile, a kind word and genuinely cared for everyone. She still has relatives at Channing Hall as students and staff.  In her memory, the "Karen Hall Caring Award" was created. The award represents the attributes of caring, respect, compassion and empathy.  The students receiving this award were: Gage M, Arianna K, McKenzie S, Taggart W, Simone J, Emiline J, Axyl M, Mateo H, Kyra G, Avril H, Kevin K, Paris S, Nathan A, Swetha I, Jack H, Allison P, Jake H. In the same theme of caring, the Tenney family spoke to the students on kindness and spreading good will.  In 2016, their 4 year old daughter Brighton passed away. The kindness shown to them by everyone, even strangers, led them to create an organization called  They passed out cards to our students and encouraged them to perform a random act of kindness. One small act of kindness can mean so much to someone else.Outstanding teachers of the year were announced and honored.  Jill Willey, 2nd grade teacher, and Jenny McIntosh, 6th grade Science and Math teacher, were the honorees for 2018 and the outstanding aid for the year is reading aid Wendy Brower. Congratulations to all our honorees and thank you for making Channing Hall a kind and caring place!

Out-of-This-World Evening

Do you know where baby stars are born?  In a nebula.  Do you know why the North Star is so bright? It's actually three stars orbiting a common center of mass.  The Salt Lake Astronomical Society shared these amazing sights and more with our 6th graders at our "Night Under the Stars" event on the evening of October 11th. Students and their families were treated to nearly 10 different high-powered telescopes manned by incredibly passionate and knowledgeable members of the Astronomical Society.  The biggest hit was seeing Saturn and its rings only eclipsed by the sight of the International Space Station racing across the sky for a few brief moments.  Aside from night sky wonders, there were several glow in the dark games, crafts and refreshments for our families to enjoy.  Mrs. McIntosh, 6th grade science teacher, said the students were enthralled with the night and couldn't wait to discuss it on Tuesday morning.  Proceeds from the refreshment sales exceeded $100 and were donated back to the  Astronomical Society.  It was a night out of this world!  

Run, Racecats, Run!

Our elementary school raced into Fall coached by Channing Hall's very own Alicia Riddle and Michele Brinkerhoff. Runners ages 5-12 began their meets October 17th and competed in their final meet November 4th. Depending on the age of the student, distance varies from a 1K (6 and under) to a 3K (9-12 years old). Highlights from the final championship include Carlee N clocking in 4th out of 58 girls in her division and Ryan B coming in 12th out of 93 boys in his division.  Great job Race Cats!

Kindergartners on the Farm

Mr Matt and Mrs Rigby's Kindergarten classes got to experience a real working farm on their field trip last week to Wheeler Farm.  Students learned about milking cows, got a lesson from a blacksmith and even got to take a wagon ride around the farm.  There were lots of animals to see and they were able to learn about how a farm works.  This field trip coincides with their IB unit on farms.  Next week, the students will give a presentation about an assigned item that is produced on a farm.  It was a fun day for all and a great way to start off the year!

Students Strut Their IB Knowledge with 5th Grade Exhibition

5th grade Exhibition is a cumulative project that wraps up the IB instruction for the Primary Years Program.  Students worked in groups to research an area or interest.  Students then identified a problem and took action to make a difference.  One group chose to research the dwindling roll of family farms and the impact that has on the quality of our food supply.  Another group collected leftover packaged food from students in the lunchroom for 2 weeks and delivered the extras to the Road Home Homeless shelter. Six years of previous IB instruction was evident in the way students communicated their knowledge and showed a deep level of thinking and compassion.  

Future Conservationist in our Midst!

Arianna L did her Living Museum report on Dr Laurie Marker, a Cheetah expert and conservationist. Her report was so well done it was highlighted in the Cheetah Conservation Fund's "Kids for Cheetahs Stories" in February.  After hearing about Arianna's presentation, Dr Marker reached out to her.  The conservationist is currently doing a tour in the United States and next month, Arianna will get to meet her hero in person!  Looks like Arianna is off to a great start as a conservationist bringing awareness and education about Cheetahs to her fellow students!

May the Force of Reading Be With You!

Another fiercely competitive year of "Star Wars" themed Read Wars commenced in January! Students logged their at home reading minutes and competed against each other for prizes and, of course, bragging rights! Ms Rogers 4th grade class drew the big prize, a class party at Aerobatics. Ms Dos Santos, Ms Crain and Ms Rogers classes all won pizza parties.  Out of the Galaxy CLUB with 4000+ minutes read included three students: Leah C, Liesel C, and Ayrush P.  Great job to all of our reading Jedi students!!

A Knight to Remember

The Royal (basketball) court of Channing Hall was transformed into a medieval castle complete with a drawbridge entry and two imposing dragons for our first ever Mother and Son Knight.  The evening began with a meal fit for a king.  After dinner, attendees could train in sword fighting, bounce in the bouncy castle, paint a family crest, get a balloon sword or take silly photo booth photos.  The entire evening was a magical and memorable time for both moms and sons.  

Holiday Concert Rings in the Season

Channing Hall held it's annual Holiday Concert on Dec 8.  Mrs Lewis and her after-school Orchestra, Choir and Band filled the halls with holiday spirit.  Many standards were performed along with a few surprises, such as Channing Hall Choir's rendition of Christmas Socks!  Kaden A. performed a violin solo of We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Emery and Saskia W. performed a violin solo of Carol of the Bells.  Milo M. performed a clarinet solo of The Nutcracker. In all, 39 students came together to treat the audience to a concert full of holiday cheer!

Basketball Teams Qualify for State

Congratulations to our basketball teams' players and coaches for qualifying for State. Go Channing Hall Wolves!

We are Family... in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are learning about families in their IB unit, "Where We are in Place and Time". Through centers like role play and art, students are learning about different family structures as well as the roles and responsibilities common to all families. In the play kitchen, students are randomly assigned family roles (ex. parent, kid, grandparent, etc.) and must work together to resolve issues that arise in their "household".  Caring and communicator attributes are essential to success. At another center, kindergartners are asked to draw their families. They are required to use appropriate detail to complete each family member. "Unless someone in your family is bald, you must draw hair," instructs Mr. Matt. The end result taps into the students' creativity and personality. Kindergarteners end the unit with a better understanding of the diversity of family structures and their important role in it.

Camp NaNoWriMo in Session

Over the last several years Channing Hall middle school has taken on the NaNoWriMo challenge - a month of intense writing with the ultimate goal of finishing a short novel.  This year the entire eighth grade, as well as a handful of 6th and 7th graders, participated.  In support of our middle school writers, several special writing themed events took place over the month of November.  The event kicked off with a visit from author Peggy Eddleman who spoke to the students about being a writer, ways to overcome writers' block, and creative methods to get inspiration and ideas.  Later in the month, Shelly Brown, another published author spoke with students about dealing with frustration and disappointment in writing. Her encouraging words were to just keep writing.   Ms. Bills, who participated in the novel writing contest herself, treated students at the half point mark with a yummy hot chocolate bar.  Additionally, the 6th and 7th grade participated in a fun Ghost Story writing contest. Entries ranged from the creepy to the hilarious. Both visiting authors commented on the creativity of our students and how impressive it was to have a middle school participate in this program.

Thank You Veterans

Students did an impressive job representing Channing Hall at it's Veterans Day ceremony on November 11th.  The student council led ceremony was highlighted by a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem performed by Lizzie C.  The Channing Hall choir also performed several moving numbers including "America the Beautiful".  Many veterans from all branches of the military were there to be honored. A table set up on the stage called the "Missing Man Table" honored all of the fallen men and women of the military. There were many tears by students and staff. A big thanks goes out to event organizers and to the students who participated making this ceremony so special.

3rd Graders Space Out at Clark Planetarium

Up, up and away...third graders blasted off on a field trip to the Clark Planetarium. The field trip capped off the IB unit "How We Share the Planet" and gave students an opportunity to explore exhibits on space and natural science. Third graders started their visit with "A Beautiful Planet" in the IMAX theater. Filmed at the International Space Station, the IMAX experience in 3D took students into space and gave them a first hand view of the international crew and daily life in zero gravity.After the movie, curious minds were at work as students interacted with scientific phenomena from cloud formation to electrical conductivity. Some of the favorite exhibits included a freezer table where you could watch ice crystals form using a magnifying glass and a rocket that challenged students to predict the optimal ratio of fuel and oxygen for propulsion. Third graders left knowledgeable of the uniqueness of earth while, at the same time, becoming more aware of the larger universe.

Channing Hall Volleyball is a Hit

Channing Hall's co-ed volleyball ended their season in 4th place with a 4-4 record. Coach Lyndie Perkins commented on the huge improvements the team made throughout their season.  She said they were a fun team and easy to work with.  Equally complimentary, assistant coach Jennifer Jones noted that the team worked very well together with the experienced kids showing leadership and guidance to the newer teammates.  Congratulations Wolves!

On Your Marks, Get Set...GO!!

New to Channing Hall this year is Race Cats, an after school cross country running club for students kindergarten through 5th grade. The goal of Race Cats is to introduce kids of all experience and ability to the empowering and life-enriching practice of long distance running through a positive experience that emphasizes FUN and rewards effort, attitude and personal bests.  Forty-seven students from Channing Hall participate in the club and are having a fantastic inaugural season.  Students in K-1st grade run a 1k, students in 2nd-3rd grade run a 2k, and students in 4th-5th grade run a 3k.  Coaches Alicia Riddle, Wendy Brower, and Tricia Albiston meet and train with runners after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Channing Hall Race Cats had their first meets on October 1st and 8th with fantastic times and rankings.  One last meet will be held October 15th at Draper City Park.  Coach Alicia Riddle expects to see some Channing Hall Race Cats advance to the USATF Youth State Championships in Prove on November 12, 2016.  Go Race Cats!!!

A Night at the Museum

Channing Hall families recently spent a "Night at the Museum" as the highlight of annual giving week. Exhibits wandering the halls included Sacajawea, a super sized Roman warrior figurine and Dum Dum, the Easter Island statue earlier in the pick up line. New to the festival this year was local circus arts studio Aerobatic and an inflatable obstacle course that honed ninja-like maneuverability skills. Old favorites included pumpkin painting and free dress was the coveted prize in bingo (caveman style this year).

Thank you to all who came out Friday night and all those who contributed to another successful annual giving campaign. If you'd like to donate, contributions can still be made here.

Cross Country Runners Race to a Successful Season

I was fortunate enough to be the cross country coach to a great group of kids this year! These students were dedicated to improving their times and worked and played hard at practice.  Every student on the team improved their time and made so much progress. Two of our runners, Gannon Jensen and Emma Jenson, even made it to the State Meet where they both placed in the top 20!  Congratulations to all of the runners on an amazing season.  I loved working with all of you!   

-Coach Karchner

Ms. Heather Wins State Honor

The Utah Charter Network (UCN) named Heather Shepherd Director of the Year at their Fifth Annual Summer Symposium in August. UCN works with state legislators to promote bills that further the interests of charter schools in Utah. UCN’s Executive Director, Kim Frank, who was recently appointed by Gov. Gary Herbert to represent Utah’s charter schools on his Education Excellence Commission, presented the award. She compared Ms. Heather to a pillar who has stood firm and strong in a rapidly expanding charter school world. Very few directors have lasted that long or guided their schools to the level of success Ms. Heather has achieved. Her commitment and enthusiasm have led Channing Hall through almost a decade of successful student outcomes.

Art Fair Captures Creativity

Can you walk like an Egyptian? Interpret hieroglyphics? Reincarnate your inner artist? Parents and students got the opportunity to do all that and more at the Channing Hall Art Fair this month. The art fair showcased visual and performing art at Channing Hall. Middle school students contributed the Egyptian art throughout the fair and several ran interactive workshops and a scavenger hunt. 

Visual art was exhibited by grade and displayed several of the techniques and themes taught in our art program. Band, orchestra, and the dance team all performed to a riveted audience of Channing Hall families. Thank you to all who organized, attended, exhibited, performed and made this night of art a huge success. (April 2016)

Math is Everywhere in 1st Grade

During the month of March, first-graders learned to find math everywhere! They made fudge with the seventh-graders where they helped to measure ingredients. Ms. Short's class made sandwiches and learned fractions by cutting them into halves and fourths. They learned a line dance while counting steps and used math in art.  They interviewed employees at Harmon's and learned how different jobs require math all the time. The end of unit celebration was a carnival that they organized and planned for kindergartners. They planned their booths, created supply lists and "rented" the items. The group members took turns working at the booth. A hard lesson was learned when they would say, "I don't want to work anymore!"

8th Grade Projects Get Personal

Channing Hall's Middle Years Program culminates with a final eighth-grade Personal Project. Students spend time during their eighth grade year planning and engaging in a project that is specific to their individual areas of interest or passion. This year's class has been busy stretching their knowledge and talents with a wide variety of thoughtful, in-depth projects. IB Coordinator Jessica Sudman says it's important that students' projects "speak to them" and are helpful to the community or to them personally.

Middle School teachers Kyna Prettyman and Grace Struiksma both took on their own personal project as an example to students and to increase their personal knowledge. Ms. Prettyman developed a program that translates percentages into IB scores, something that she now uses often. Mrs. Struiksma researched Thomas Jefferson in-depth and analyzed his choices and decisions against the IB Learner Profile.  She wants to show students that "if I can do this you can do this."

While most students are the still in the process of finishing up projects, they have had some exciting initial outcomes. Olivia has been working with a friend to make cooking videos for Mrs. Tebbs' classes that students can watch if they miss a cooking lab. Cannon, another foodie, started a blog that explores the influence of culture on food ( Tim is passionate about filmmaking and is using the project as an opportunity to make a movie.  

Sophia loves to write and saw the project as a way to learn about becoming a professional author. "This project has given me a personal lesson on trusting people, expressing myself and has helped me to develop my patience and determination towards writing," she says. Her book, Life is Strange, is already published and available for purchase. (

Students will share their projects at Community Exhibition Day May 27th at Channing Hall. Come see our future! (April 2016)

Dance Under the Stars

All dressed up and out on the town, dads and daughters danced the night away at "Picnic Under the Stars," our second Daddy Daughter Dance. The enthusiasm was evident, from the dance floor to the ice cream line. The evening included dinner and dance instruction, getting even some of the most reluctant wall flowers into the action. Thank you to CHAPS for hosting and all the volunteers, including Student Council, who made the night a huge success. (April 2016)

5th Grade Takes a D.A.R.E.

Channing Hall enjoys having the Draper Police Department support our school through the D.A.R.E. program, which gives students the opportunity to learn about the dangers of drugs and gain skills to avoid illegal drugs. Students participated in hands-on exploration with "drunk goggles" that simulate intoxication. They also got to explore the SWAT bus and police vehicle. When students completed the D.A.R.E program, they received a graduation certificate. All the fifth-graders enjoyed their experience in the program, as well as their graduation party.  We are grateful to Officer Lees and the Draper Police Department for their support! (April 20

2nd Grade Explores Aquarium

The exhibits at Loveland Living Aquarium made quite a splash with the second-graders on their field trip there this month.  The students petted stingrays and starfish in the stingray tank, enjoyed a presentation from a very knowledgeable employee about whales and even got to watch the piranhas eat! The aquarium also boasts a 300,000 gallon shark tank along with a 50 foot long, 4,400 pound replica humpback whale hanging from the ceiling.  The penguin and otter exhibits were also student favorites. (April 2016)

Great Year for Basketball Teams

Channing Hall Boys' and Girls' basketball both finish up a successful season.  The boys finished the season 2nd in their league and one of the top 8 teams out of 29 in the district.  At the basketball awards ceremony on February 24th, Coach David Nuffer said that this team was incredibly cohesive, played with great teamwork, and were unselfish in their play.  The Girls' season was equally as positive, they also finished second in their league.  Assistant Coach, Janene Tanner, who has coached at Channing for 5 years, said that this team was the most respectful and easiest group to coach.  Coach Lyndie Perkins recalled a game where our Channing girls were ahead 39 - 0 in the second half.  The other team scored their first basket and the entire Channing team cheered for them.  She said it was a good example of the heart of this year's players. Congrats Wolves! (March 2016) 

Galaxy Stormed by Small Readers

This year's reading challenge was a Star Wars themed competition.  Students recorded their before and after school reading minutes to earn Jedi bracelets.  If classes reached their reading goals, they were entered in a drawing for a class Jedi Training party at Aerobatics Gym.  The three-week challenge ended in an awesome Read Wars assembly complete with Storm Troopers and Darth Vader.  Top Readers from each class, as well as teacher chosen Most Improved Readers, were recognized. The school's total reading minutes over the contest was over 450,000 minutes.  Miss Roger's 4th grade class read well over 40,000 minutes! Mr. Matt's morning Kindergarten class was drawn as the winner of the Jedi Party.  Mr. Matt commented that he sees huge improvements in his Kindergarten readers during the yearly reading competition, some students this year jumped two reading levels after the contest.   May the force of reading be with you! (March 2016)

Kindergarten Does Shakespeare

Kindergarteners visited the Utah Children's Theater as part of the IB unit "How we express ourselves." The show "Welcome to Shakespeare" presented the cliff notes' version of several Shakespearean classics while teaching the students about comedies and tragedies.  Students also got to participate in acting exercises like "wide-mouthed-rubber-baby-buggy-bumpers" and to learn how actors express themselves.  Jaxon W served as "Master of the Revels" and spokesperson for the crowd giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to each show. The kindergartners enjoyed the show and everything from the theater "blackout" to Hamlet being killed with a fish. (March 2016)

Kids Come Ashore at 'Ellis Island'

In the immortal words of Neil Diamond, ¨We're coming to America...¨ and as the second graders found out in their reenactment of immigration through Ellis Island, the stories varied. Each student was assigned a story of an immigrant and walked through the gates at Ellis Island to a new life. Immigrants were of different nationalities, economic status, education level and health. Each student got to act out their story and travel in three classes of service. First class had plenty of room, cushioned seats and chocolate to eat, dramatically different from the cramped accommodations of third class. Upon arriving, immigrants passed through security and health checkpoints with some sicker passengers facing immediate deportation due to health issues. The project was part of the IB unit ¨Where I come from¨ and got students thinking of their ancestry and the generations that brought them to where they are today. (March 2016)

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders participated in the science fair and completed a project. Each project had to propose a solution to a community problem. We had more than 100 entries - a new record for Channing Hall! Students used the scientific method to design and complete their projects, and then gave enthusiastic presentations. Over 50 students will advance to the district science fair in February. The projects will also be entered in the National eCybermission Science Fair competition. (February 2016)

Snowshoe Adventure

In January, 4th graders were able to go on a snowshoeing adventure up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The students were led by guides who taught them about winter wildlife adaptations, how to track animals in the snow, where their water comes from, and about the natural history of the Wasatch Mountains. It was a memorable and educational field trip! (February 2016)

8th Grade Feels the Beat

Ms. Bills' eighth grade English classes finished their poetry unit with a beat poetry day.  The classroom was transformed into Cafe 207, a hip coffee shop with graffiti tablecloths, a hot chocolate and treat bar, and stage with a single microphone.  Students took turns reading original poems they had written throughout their poetry unit.  Students snapped instead of clapped for a true Beat Poetry experience. (December 2015)

Operation Christmas Child

On Nov. 20, Channing Hall students stayed after school to participate in Operation Christmas Child.  The service project began six years ago with Tomas Hollenbach who, despite his battle with a brain tumor, had empathy, compassion, and respect for the needs and feelings of suffering children throughout the world.  His example has provided an opportunity for many students to participate in creating a better and more peaceful world through giving.  The 172 boxes created that day will be sent to children in Mexico. (December 2015)

Celebrating World Culture

For the final project of the IB Cultures unit, Ms. Stone's third-graders researched different countries and investigated aspects of culture native to their chosen country.  The kids imagined that they actually got to visit their country. They wrote travelogues and created colorful Polaroids as if they were there themselves.  These projects went into a scrapbook highlighting journeys to Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, India, and Kenya.  Students were asked to bring in artifacts and food items from each of those six countries. The kids were excited to try exotic foods from all over the world including Austrailian fairy bread, Indian mango lassis, Chinese dumplings, Danish pastries, and Brazilian Pao de Quiejo  As a bonus, students also got to try Jelapi (funnel cake) from Bangladesh and Lavashak (soft candy) from Iran. (December 2015)

Circus Comes to Town

The circus came to town and treated Channing Hall families to the greatest show on earth. Culminating a week of annual giving, the fall festival did not disappoint.  Clowns, animals, and even a lion tamer with her star entertained crowds and raised money to support our school. Student and staff involvment were key to the success along with the generous donations of families and local businesses. Thank you to all who attended! (October 2015)

Back to Pioneer Times

Fourth grade classes have been busy learning about the students' personal histories as well as increasing their knowledge about Utah history and how Utah was settled.  The end of the unit culminated in a "Life in Pioneer Times" field trip to the This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City.  Students got to have a hands on handcart experience and discover what life was like traveling to Utah with a handcart going over hills and obstacles.  They also experienced pioneer school life where they learned about the Deseret Alphabet, school house manners, class rules and punishments.  Students met a blacksmith in his workshop and learned about what life would have been like as his apprentice.  Back at Channing Hall, fourth graders reflected on their field trip and were able to compare and contrast pioneer life with modern life and gain an appreciation for history. (October 2015)

Getting a Taste of Farm Life

Kindergartners spent a morning at Wheeler Farms observing first hand how a farm works. Learning ¨How we share the planet," the students met cows, chickens, pigs, horses, and other animals that live on the farm. The kindergartners learned about different jobs on the farm and saw a blacksmith demonstration that included heating and bending a piece of metal. After a wagon ride past the lightning tree (a tree shaped as a result of multiple lightning strikes) and a game of tag with the local geese, students ate lunch and headed back to school. The field trip was part of a unit on farms in which students explore how food and other everyday things come from farms to local stores. (October 2015)

The Student Commute, Worldwide

Every day around the world, children have incredible journeys just to get to school. Middle school students in 6th and 7th grades visited the Utah Film Center to watch a documentary titled "On the Way to School," which followed four groups of children and captured the sacrifices and struggles they face to get an education.  Samuel, 11, from India, is pushed in a makeshift wheelchair through sand and rivers for more than two miles each morning and afternoon by his younger brothers. Carlito, 11, from Argentina, and his little sister ride a horse 22 miles a day.  Zahira, 12, from Morocco, walks and hitchhikes with her friends almost 14 miles through the Atlas Mountains weekly to attend boarding school.  And Jackson, 10, from Kenya, dodges wild elephant herds as he runs nine miles to school with his 6 year-old sister.  Back in the classroom, Channing Hall students discussed the film, wrote in their journals and reflected on how fortunate they are; it is so much easier for Channing Hall students to go to school and get an education. (October 2015)

Volleyball Team Takes 4th

Channing Hall Volleyball wraps up a phenomenal, undefeated regular season with a 4th place finish at the state tournament.  Coach Janene Tanner attributes their success to the team being hustlers, working well together and having a competitive spirit.  Tricia Mataele, assistant coach commented "In my four years of coaching here this team was the most naturally talented, they want to learn and they respond very well to coaching."  This year's team philosophy was "work hard and have fun".  They were successful at both.  Congrats team on an exciting season. (October 2015)

Cross Country Runs With Honor

This season we enjoyed some success and some upset. Our girls team came to us smaller than in the past, but each girl worked hard and improved her times and kept trying even when faced with teams five times our size. The boys team successfully met the icebucket challenge, taking first place at a meet and coach Annette Barney was drenched with cold water. The students at state ran with grit and determination, representing Channing Hall honorably. "I am just thankful for being there to be inspired by each of our Wolves," said Coach Barney. (October 2015)