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Janene Tanner

Fitness/Brain Gym

Janene Tanner has been an educator for 27 years.  She has spent several years teaching Jr. High English and she has had her own pre-school.  Janene has also been a substitute and a reading teacher for Channing Hall.  After raising four children she started her dream job as a Physical Education teacher at Channing Hall.  Janene recieved a double degree from Brigham Young University in Special and Elementary Education.  She has enjoyed playing sports her entire life.   In high school she ran track, and was on the basketball  and volleyball teams.  Her collegiate career included playing softball, basketball and volleyball.  Janene has a husband and four children.  She and her family love to spend time traveling, hiking, camping, taking long walks and playing her new favorite sport, pickleball.  Janene also likes to read, play the flute and sing in her spare time.