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Fast Facts About the Elementary Program

  • Three classes per grade
  • Class size capped at no more than 26 students
  • Teachers’ aides in all classes, so that students have more 1-on- 1 time with an educator
  • Two recess breaks each day in grades 1-5
  • All teachers are considered “Highly Qualified” and have an abundance of experience
  • “Specials” breakout classes for all students
    • Kindergarten students have Library, PE, Art, and Spanish-language exposure
    • Grades 1-5 enjoy Spanish, Brain Gym, PE, Tech, Art, Music, Library
  • Field trips that are fun and also support lessons learned in IB units.
    • Kindergarten students have visited the zoo, farm, museum of art
    • Grades 1-5 examples include snowshoeing, ice castles, Red Butte Gardens, water treatmentplant, and Thanksgiving Point.
  • Nutritious hot lunch program with 2-3 choices each day
  • School uniform policy helps ensure focus on learning
  • Kindergarten is taught in a self-contained setting with separate playground and bathrooms
  • Big-kid mentors help and motivate the Kindergarten students
    • 5th -graders read with their “Book Buddies”
    • 8th -graders help teach research skills