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CHAPS Leadership

Mission Statement

The mission of CHAPS is to enhance the educational experience of Channing Hall students through uniting the efforts between educators, parents, students and the school community. CHAPS strives to provide activities that promote and are in alignment with the school's mission and vision. We support the IB philosophy and strive to nurture a school atmosphere of goodwill, consideration and cooperation between parents, students and faculty.

What does CHAPS do?

  • We enhance the educational experience at Channing Hall through various extracurricular activities throughout the school year.
  • We provide opportunities for parents and others to get involved in the school community through volunteerism. See the Volunteer page for more details.
  • We seek to support the school staff through acts of appreciation.
  • We raise funds to pay for the activities we sponsor and to support other school ventures. We accomplish that through our membership drive; sales of used uniforms, yearbooks, and directories; benefit nights; and Box Tops collection.
  • We sponsor two Classic Skating nights to thank our school community for their support and to provide an opportunity to play together.