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About Us

Channing Hall is Utah’s first K-8 International Baccalaureate charter school. The prestigious IB program is centered around the goal of helping children become active, caring, lifelong learners who respect themselves and others. IB students are critical thinkers, questioners, and problem solvers who are active in their community and the larger world around them.

The Anglo Saxon name Channing means “wisdom” or “wise one,” and that idea provides the foundation of our educational approach. It also means "young wolf," and inspired us to choose our mascot, Koda.

The school was founded in 2005 by a group of dedicated Draper and Sandy residents who were looking for more options in education. With more than a decade in operation, Channing Hall is one of the best established and most experienced charter schools in the state.

Vision Statement

Channing Hall students recite our Vision Statement daily to help them maintain a focus on our goal.

"As a Channing Hall student, I am an agile learner who values other perspectives and knows how to learn. My vision, passion, and unique abilities inspire me to achieve excellence and improve the world."

Guiding Principles

We use a set of six Guiding Principles as a beacon to continually improve. Click on any of the principles for a fuller exploration.

Philosophy of Instruction

The International Baccalaureate program enables us to teach Utah State Core Standards with greater rigor and depth, while also helping students develop social/emotional skills and an awareness of global issues. We believe that students learn best when instruction and assessment are differentiated to meet individual needs. Read about our curriculum to learn more about the strategies, materials, and assessment tools used by our teachers. 


Charter schools are public schools of choice. The state of Utah grants Channing Hall authority, as outlined in the school's approved charter, to make decisions concerning the structure, curriculum, and educational emphasis of the school.

In return for the autonomy provided by the state, charter schools are held accountable for the academic achievement of their students. 

We welcome you to view the accountability reports for our school.

Fast Facts

Check out these links for a quick overview of our elementary school program and middle school program

Annual Report

Read about some of the highlights of the past school year in our Annual Report.